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”Portraits Of My Soul” is a handcrafted, inspirational, and unique art pieces created by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Mila. We believe in the power of spirit, in the power of each human being to create a life that inspires and comforts, and in the intersection between freedom and choice. While we believe in the power of the female spirit, we are equally committed to encourage and inspire every single human spirit that roams this Earth. Because without harmony, there is only ego and self and less than what all of us deserve to have. A life in harmony and full of adventure, resiliency, and human expression. Portraits Of My Soul is all about art, fashion and community with a purpose. To change the world. To encourage harmony and expression and understanding and acceptance.  By sharing this collection, we are driven to provide inspiration with the highest possible value for our community holders.

Hello! I am Mila Holtzeker Gamili, a 13-year-old girl living in the U.S, wanting to show my talent and artworks for people all around the world. There are so many things I do in my life, but nothing feels more like a calling and a meaning of my life than creating art that tells a story and connects to people in a way that words cannot. Since age three, I have attended a democratic school where every child has an equal voice in choosing their work, their curriculum, and their lives. It is incredibly empowering. I am currently working on a new collection, transforming my portrait paintings into 3D dolls. I would be honored for you to become an owner of one of my creations. Thank you for supporting my art. It helps to remind me that listening to the calling in the center of my soul to create art is something I was truly meant to do. For my soul, and for the world.


As far back as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  I always knew it was something I was meant to do. That it was a gift given to me and I always knew that I should do something with that gift:  making and sharing art. Art is a part of me. Without it,  I am not me. I am not who I am today.  Every time I paint a person or character, I feel like I am birthing a new person into this world.  Every time I paint, I let go of things I feel in those moments. I interpret my emotions with my painting: like happiness, sadness, anger, and confusion.   There is also inspiration that I get from school, home, life, music, fashion, books, movies, and video series that I watch, read, or listen to every day.  I am currently working on a new collection,  transforming my portrait paintings into 3D dolls.  I want people to know who I am. To leave something when I would not be in this world anymore. To somehow be remembered. The most beautiful way of being remembered is by doing something that you love. And this I share with you now. 

We create to express in art what words cannot. We believe that each of us has a voice in the center of our soul. That every female has something special to share, a view of the world that is unique and beautiful. And in the expression of the beauty and pain of life, we are all more deeply connected. And the largest hope is that female strength, beauty, and hope can inspire connection and peace and harmony with every single human being who ever exists. My art is a work of expression and hope. Life can seem impossible alone. We all need each other’s light. Here is mine. 

Because it’s your way to participate in changing the hopefulness and connectedness of the world, while participating in the unique and explosive growth of art as technology expands. Your investment is purpose and profit, engagement and inspiration, and an overwhelming commitment to love and light in a world that so badly needs it.

My studio space is my room. There are pastels, pens, watercolors and paint brushes as far as the eye can see. When I’ve finished a painting on paper, I photograph with my father high rez reproductions photos and assemble them into one big photo and then use Adobe Photoshop to produce the asset.

Portraits Of My Soul puts its community first! Major benefits, artist support, donations for children’s cancer research, and female empowerment.

Charity donation

Original physical prints ship out

Community Giveback

10% of primary sales goes to charity donation to a Children's Cancer non-profit org.

50 original, authentic digital art prints of Mila will be sent to lucky holders.

After producing the 3D IRL dolls & cosmos, the community will be awarded with giveaways & discounts.

AR + IRL Coloring Book!

New & innovative AR coloring book app & IRL ship out to all Staked HODLERS.

Soft Staking & Perk Shop

Soft Staking & Perk Shop from Day 1!
Get more IRL & Digital perks for staking.

Women Empowerment

Supporting & empowering women in the industry.

Community Events

Invite only, VIP, exclusive collectors IRL events.

Because art connects people. All people. And part of making an impact in the world is trying to inspire peace with every living being. My hope is both the empowerment of all females, to see their tremendous value in the world, and the ability to create cooperation and harmony with every single human being. One person can change the world. And a community of that kind of love and respect and creativity transforms life itself.

Your life matters. And I want you and every human being to know how powerful you are.

You can support and buy Mila’s art in special one-of-a-kind prints that are securely yours using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

Art prints have only begun their run in popularity. Some prints have sold for incredible amounts of money.

And while there are no guarantees, supporting Mila’s cause has an extra benefit that they might be an amazing investment over time. And part of every sale will go to help others in need of help and inspiration.

And if you have ideas, share them. You may wind up shaping the creation of future art prints with your vision of hope.

But more than that, today is your chance to stand up and share your light with the world. Sure it’s hard. The world has so much suffering. But you can help be the light, one choice at a time.

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Christian Palmer


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Mila Holtzeker Gamili


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